What Makes Realistic Dildos Realistic?

Different people have different kinds of fetishes. Some like glass dildos, others like plastic ones, rubber ones, etc. Many others simply like to experiment with different kinds of dildos. The tastes are endless and so are the choices. One of the widely available dildos is realistic dildos. Let’s know more about them:

What are realistic dildos?

As you might have figured out from the name itself, these dildos look like the real thing. Or at the very least they are crafted to look as close as possible to the human one. You will find that these dildos are made with skin rubber and covered up in veins. They have a head that looks just like the real one. Some even come with the balls to make the whole thing look and feel more realistic. Some of these dildos are crafted after popular adult celebrities. So it will be like the real thing or resemble the real thing a lot.

Where to use a suction cup realistic dildos?

There are a lot of different kinds of realistic dildos available as well. You can use the one where you have to use with hands or you can use a suction cup one. One of the major benefits of using a suction cup realistic dildo is the fact that you don’t have to use your hand. To make use of the dildo, all you have to do is stick it to a sturdy and firm surface before you begin using it. But sometimes you might have trouble finding out a sturdy enough surface. So here are some examples of the things you could use:

  • Chair: Choose a chair that comes with a flat bottom. Stick your dildo right to the flat upper surface of the chair and then straddle it. Try facing the backrest of the chosen chair for a better ride. This is better since you will be able to securely grip the chair’s back for better support.
  • Mirror: This might seem to be a little risky, but make sure you get one that has thick back support. Those thin ones won’t be able to make it. In a mirror, both horizontal and vertical positions will work.
  • Shower wall: Know that most of the suction cup realistic dildos are waterproof (but still make sure that you check the packaging and features). So you can use it in the shower with you. Just stick it to a wall and have fun.
  • Strap On: Realistic dildos that come with suction cups are compatible with harnesses or strap ons. With it, heterosexual couples can try some role reversal plays while lesbian couples can engage in phallic play.

Can realistic dildos replace the real thing?

The dildos are surely realistic enough that you will feel like you are using the real thing. But whether that will be able to replace a real man or not depends on you. If you are tired of roundabout dating which leads nowhere or doesn’t have the time to date around then realistic dildos just might be the solution for your problem. After all, everyone needs to have their pleasure without the associated hassle of dating and let’s admit it, dating does seem like a hassle at times.

Realistic dildos can be used anywhere, anytime you like. It will make you feel just like the real thing, but you will be in control all the way. If you feel like that’s what you want most then realistic dildos will certainly get the job done for you.

Examples of realistic dildos

If you are confused about which realistic dildo to buy, if it’s your first time using one then we have some suggestions:

Realistic Ejaculating 6-inch Cock

This amazing toy comes with a bunch of veins on the shaft of the toy. But what separates this kind of realistic dildos is the fact that it does ejaculate. All you have to do is push a simple button. If you have that kind of kinks of fantasies, then this will be perfect for you. Overall, this dildo is pretty realistic and will surely satisfy you. All you have to do is stick the suction cup that comes with it to a wall and let your imagination run wild. Now all of them will come true without the need of a real man.

Huge 8-Inch Vibrating Realistic Suction Cup Dildo

This also comes with a shaft that contains a network of veins. It also comes with realistic balls. Apart from the length of the dildo, there is also a vibrating feature that comes with this. This simply means that you will get to enjoy double the fun and double the pleasure. This dildo is waterproof so you will be able to use it in a shower. Just stick it to a wall and then do your thing.

8-Inch Realistic Vibrating Dildo

You might ask- why is this thing different from the above ones? The main reason is that this dildo is flexible. So apart from being 8 inches long and coming with a vibrator, this dildo is also flexible. This means that you will be able to angle the thing to get it where you want. So this dildo is realistic with the veins on this shaft, the head, the balls, and the flexibility. This feels and looks exactly like the real thing. But the best part is the fact that this dildo is remote controlled. So you will be able to play with it fully hand free. You will be able to control the vibrations to get just what you like.

Apart from these, you will also get dildos which are modeled right after the real thing. As said in the beginning, he means that you will get to use adult film celebrities dildos. So if that kind of thing turns you on then it’s available now for you to use. But overall, if you want to use a dildo that looks and feels just like the real thing then use realistic dildos just like what you can find at

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