We Suffer Too: Gay prostitutes discuss the difficulties they face in their job

Straight Men Use Our Job for Exploitation

Prostitution is a genderless line of work. However, most people usually think of women when they hear the word prostitute. That is understandable since most of them are female. But, even though male prostitutes aren’t high in numbers, they still exist. The same can be said for gay male prostitutes, but trust us when we say that there’s a big difference between them and us. Why? They steal our jobs!


You’d be surprised how many straight male prostitutes cater to both women and men. Oh, and they’re as straight as an arrow. So, why are they trying to steal our jobs? Well, it’s safe to say that they’re a niche of their own. That’s not even what we have a problem with, but the fact that they’re doing the job badly. This is what changes people’s perceptions of our work and the whole industry.


Straight prostitutes usually have a lot of rules when working with male clients. Rules and boundaries are never a problem, but if you can be a top, you can be a bottom if the client requires it. Actually, if you’re doing a gay prostitute’s job, then you might as well fully commit to it.

Sometimes, We Are Not Paid Enough

One important thing in our line of work is clear communication. We talk to clients, hear their desires, and make arrangements. But one of the struggles of male prostitutes is that our desires aren’t always met. We’re talking about the desire to be respected and paid fairly. Many of us are prostitutes for a living, and every penny counts.


To be honest, it’s not that we’re overcharging. Each gay prostitute has a price range he’s working with, but prices are adjustable depending on the service a client wants. For example, penetrative sex and cuddling can never have the same price. We aren’t sure why that’s so hard to grasp for some of our clients.

When it’s all said and done, many clients don’t respect the arrangement and pay us way less than agreed upon. Some prostitutes ask for payment upfront only to protect themselves. We understand that this might seem scammy to some clients, but we need to watch out for scammers ourselves. This is just one of the ways how male prostitutes suffer unfair treatment.

“What Choice Do We Have?”

One of the facts about male prostitutes is that most of them are doing it for a living. This is especially true if they’re gay because what choice do they have? Being gay may seem cool on the internet, but things are much different in real life. Once you come out, your family and friends can disown you. This is how you find yourself on the street in no time. Now what? You can try looking for jobs, but they may all turn you down because of your sexuality.


You may think we’re living in a better society now, but not much is truly different. Once you’re fending for yourself, you need to think and make money fast. The best way to do that is to go into prostitution. Don’t get us wrong: many gay prostitutes love this job because it brings them all kinds of pleasures in life. 


On the other hand, you must understand that many gay prostitutes are in this because they have to. They don’t enjoy prostitution, especially when they’re being treated so poorly by everyone around them. But they don’t have any other means of ensuring food and a roof over their heads.

People Think of Us as Illegal Workers

The sex industry is not legal in many countries. That’s why you never see advertisements for brothels, trailers for new porn movies, and such. It’s almost as if people don’t think having a sex life is a natural thing, no matter how you choose to have it. So, it’s no wonder why people think of male sex workers as illegal workers. We can’t say they’re wrong, but we like to think of ourselves as entrepreneurs or even freelancers! Most of us are operating on our own, anyway.


Sex work being illegal isn’t the only thing we struggle with. Being homosexual is illegal in many countries, too. There’s nothing we can do about this except hide our identity, but that’s not easy when you’re a male prostitute serving men.

Homosexuality being illegal is what prevents us from finding both decent jobs and clients as prostitutes. So, we have to find ways to bypass the system to sell our services. This kind of unfair treatment isn’t something we can do much about until homosexuality and sex work get the recognition they deserve. There’s nothing wrong with being gay or a prostitute if that’s a job you enjoy.

We Experience Sexual and Physical Abuse Too

Finally, let’s talk about the ugly side of sex work. Prostitutes of all genders experience the kind of sexual and physical abuse we wouldn’t wish upon our worst enemy. That is because people usually think they’re entitled to you and your body, especially if they’re paying you. However, a sane person would know that’s not the case. You’ll always only get the services you’re paying for.


But people have all kinds of sexual fantasies and think gay prostitutes can fulfill them against their will. We aren’t sure what makes our clients think they can abuse us. Maybe it’s the stereotype that gay men are usually fem-presenting, which somehow makes them lesser-than or weak. Whatever the case may be, clients find ways to take their anger out on us.


The only thing we ask of you is to respect our agreement, pay us accordingly, and don’t abuse us when we refuse to do things. We’re human, just like you, and selling our bodies doesn’t mean you have the right to abuse us. Many of us are doing this only because we have to, and we don’t need you making things harder than they already are.

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