Who would have thought that a medically applied medical tool to treat “female hysteria” would become a popular pleasure-giver? More than 100 years of history, characterized by innovation, development and emancipation, have been behind the vibrator ever since. Today, the great variety of vibrators is indispensable. Above all, vibrators promise a lot of sensual pleasure and opportunities to experiment in different ways. They make it possible to discover new horizons in relation to one’s own sexuality and can therefore represent a genuine enrichment of the sexual life.

Individual preferences play an equally important role in the handling of the vibrator, as well as the quality and compatibility of the materials. The selection is now gigantic and it is difficult to find in the mass of offers the best vibrator for themselves. That’s why experts present best anal vibrator for men, which in tests convince in terms of quality and above-average popularity. They have tried to take into account as many of the different categories of vibrators, models and therefore also preferences. Be sure: in this specialist vibrator test you are guaranteed to find something!

What to look for when buying!

The most important thing when buying products is reading some reviews. In the product description of anal vibrators products manufacturers can write a lot, which does not always have to be right. The best information comes from people who have already bought the article and share their experiences. Take a moment to skim some reviews so you can really find the right product for you.

It is equally important that you consider any offers. Sellers have tagged discounts with a green box at the top right of the product to give you the chance to save your wallet and get a real bargain. If you cannot find what you are looking for, there are more categories and relevant topics at the bottom of the page.

  1. Allmay Anal Vibrators Anal Plug, Super Soft Silicone Prostate Stimulator, USB Rechargeable Sex Toys Vibrators with Cock Ring Vibrators Waterproof Butt Plug, Remote Control, 9 Vibration Mode for Men

Remote control with 10m range is controlled by a wireless remote control with a radius of 10m. This means that your partner can control the speed and frequency of the vibration so that you can enjoy the different thrills anytime, anywhere

  1. 2. MEROURII Anal Vibrator Massager with Heating Function, Prostate Vibrators Prostate Stimulator Anal Plug Butt Plug with 10 Vibration Modes, 100% Medical Silicone Sex Toys for Couple.

Anal plug with heat function – Thanks to the built-in heater, the vibrator warms you with its constant heating function (up to 37 ?), while intensely stimulating youĂ­re prostate and sphincter with 10 varied vibrations. The warmth makes you stand out and forget everything around you. Compatible Material – made of 100% medical grade silicone and is therefore free of harmful substances, low odor and hypoallergenic. It adapts smoothly to the skin and ensures a lifelike feeling.

Ergonomic and handy – The anal toy ergonomic shape. The size is perfect for all anal lovers and it can easily be introduced with water-based lubricant.

Rechargeable – The massager is simply charged through the USB interface, which is connected by two magnetic points. They save batteries and protect the environment.

Waterproof – The anal vibrator is IPX7 water protected and therefore suitable for use in the shower or in the bathtub. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

  1. 3. Deluxe silicone vibrator whirlwind, powerful stimulation with 10 programs, waterproof

A multi-talent through and through! This gem makes his name all honor. The 10 vibration programs bring a lot of wind into the love life and prepare not only anal pleasures! It is super-easy to insert and, thanks to its wavy surface, also ensures exceptional moments in the vaginal area. It gives very quiet but strong vibration with super power function, easy operation with one touch button function in heart shape.

  1. SXOVO Silicone USB Anal Vibrators Anal Plugs Vibrator Butt Plug Vibrators for Men Massagers Masturbators P Point Stimulator with Angel Wings

Unique New Shape: Like the wings of the angel, discover different stimulate for you. Soft silicone material: healthy, non-toxic does not hurt the skin.

Multiple uses: For the anus, but also for the vagina.

Body Waterproof Design: The charging port has a special waterproof design that allows you to freely use it in the bathroom.

Ten vibration speeds: Multiple speeds bring different joy, and the noise is less than 35db.

How does sex work?

Many women like to feel completely filled out. Here, the butt plug can ideally remedy and be worn during sex. You can also introduce it to you before sex and thus provide a little more variety during foreplay. After all, you can easily carry such a toy over several hours. However, experts recommend that you take it out once a hour and smear it with new lubricant. There is also the variant that you wear the plug when masturbating. Just make sure that you lubricate it with enough lubricant, otherwise the insertion could be painful.

Where can I buy a anal plug?

These days, there are basically no needs to visit sex shops anymore to purchase the products of their choice. Rather, the order is sufficient over the Internet to fall back on a wide range of anal plugs. Nevertheless, customers can of course still visit the sex shops in person, if they want to get advice here or take the products directly. For those that opt for ordering on the Internet. These online shops offer many advantages, such as:

  • Large assortment
  • Fair purchase prices
  • Easy order
  • Fast delivery
  • Easy exchange

As a general example, the order of the toys can be named via online sites. In this case, it is first of all that the customers log on to the site, which only takes a few minutes. Then you can compare all the butt plugs on the website. Customers can use product photos, product descriptions, and customer reviews to select from. Thus, the interested parties can make a very good picture of the goods online.

Afterwards only the kind of the desired dispatch has to be selected, and the order has to be completed. The delivery is also a high quality packaging, so that the ordered plug is not damaged. Furthermore, all three providers can still be counted on neutral shipping. Thus, no one can see from the packaging that a sex toy was ordered. Finally, it should be noted that the delivery usually costs only a few dollars, so that customers can save money.

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