7 Things to Know Before Buying Anal Hooks

Bondage anal hook made of solid stainless steel with two stimulation balls 2.5 and 3.8 cm in diameter. Large eyelet for attaching tethered ropes. Here is the beginners guide to anal hooks.

This G-spot & prostate stimulation plug is popular for bondage / BDSM sessions. It is made of solid, highly polished stainless steel and weighs about 430 grams.

The two massive stainless steel balls, about 2.5 and 3.8 cm in diameter, can be easily introduced with a little lubricant. They protrude up to 15 deep into the rectum, stimulating the internal sphincter, the G-spot and the male prostate. By appropriate positioning of the curved support rod, the effect can be enhanced.

The bondage hook is usually used so that the rod is passed between the buttocks and fixed on the back with tethers. The stimulation balls are then no longer required, and there is the visual impression that the slave was impaled on the hook. The curved design also makes it possible to align the stainless steel hook forward, which also allows imaginative games.

Anal toys for more variety

If you are a bit experimental, enjoy trying out new things, and want to experience a more intense orgasm, anal toys are just the thing for you. With them you can stimulate your particularly erogenous zone, the anus. At the anus several nerve pathways come together, which makes you feel a special pleasure at this point. Anal toys provide you alone, as well as together with your partner in anal sex sexy hours.

Anal toys for beginners and advanced

Anal toys come in different shapes, colors and materials. For beginners anal plugs or anal rods are suitable, because they are particularly narrow and the anus prone. As a beginner, you should be a little more cautious, the desire for larger models comes with time by itself. Advanced will be no limits. Men feel stimulated by the prostate intense orgasms when using anal toys. For women anal sex toys are popular, which cause a double penetration. The different toys are of course also made of different materials or surfaces. You can choose between silicone, glass, metal or latex. Each of these materials brings with it another advantage. Particularly flexible are products made of silicone and latex. For a small kick, metal and glass provide wonderful heating or cooling, thus creating a special charm. Through the various surfaces such as grooves or stimulus knobs you will always experience a pleasurable change.

Application of anal toys

Before using the anal toys experts recommend to use an anal shower because with anal intercourse also the hygiene plays an important role. The anal shower not only ensures a hygienic process, but also prepares the first pleasurable moments. It either gives you an erotic foretaste or gives you intense feelings during everyday showering. Since the anus itself does not produce any moisture, the anal sex always uses a lubricant to insert the toy. After use, the toys should be cleaned with warm water and some soap. Now and then a special toy cleaner can be used.

Anal hook equipped with an anal ball with 40 mm diameter and a fixing ring. Itís an indispensable accessory for extreme BDSM games and Shibari sessions.

The anal hook is the latest trend in extreme BDSM games and is an accessory that offers both restraint and pleasure. It allows you to experience different sensations through humiliation, submission, pain, but also pleasure for your partner. This accessory is often used in Bondage and Shibari sessions, where the hook serves as a point of attachment.

This anal hook is equipped with a detachable ball with a diameter of 40 mm and a hook, which you can connect with a rope, a chain or other BDSM accessories. This anal hook can be used both by men and women and is available in two sizes (30 or 40 mm).

Sexologists recommends that you use this anal hook with a specially designed for anal sex lubricant. To clean it, use a little warm water, mild soap and a sex toy cleaner. The butt plug is not only popular in many mainstream movies. At home, too, the small toy can now be found in many drawers. On the popularity scale, the anal plug follows directly behind the vibrator. Its versatile use in both women and men ensures a high level of sales among both sexes. At the same time, many find the forbidden thing that still clings to the plug to be very exciting.

What to look for when buying

Especially beginners or people who have never used an anal plug should start with a small size. Better a number too small than a number too big because too much anal plug can quickly become frustrated. You should also pay attention to the following points:

  • The right / suitable size
  • A smooth surface of silicone or similar material
  • Clean processing, no cast residues or the like
  • Wish you embellishments such as rhinestones, pompoms or feathers
  • Some models for men also come with a cock ring
  • Set with several models from small to large save a few dollars and you are sure that you get the right size
  • A base or suction cup at the base should be mandatory, otherwise the good piece may disappear too deep

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Advantages of buying online

The online purchase of an anal plug offers compared to the purchase in the sex shops some great advantages. Here are the most important:

  • Absolutely anonymous purchase. No friends, work colleagues or neighbors who see or watch you while visiting the sex shop
  • An unbelievably large selection of different butt plugs
  • An often unbeatable low price compared to the stationary trade
  • Delivery to the mailbox
  • Reviews of other customers

Anal pug for women

There are two variants. One is the use as foreplay for anal intercourse; the other is the “standalone” variant. Here, the anal plug is used to increase the desire and intensity.

But also the optical aspect should not be ignored. Many use the post plug as a sort of jewel. Elaborate embellishment with rhinestones, feathers, bunny pompom or fur is a real eye-catcher. By the way, many men love butt plug on their partner. It creates a little more friction but also the pure look, possibly with rhinestones, excited many men.

Anal plug for men

When a man uses an anal plug, he usually serves only to increase the pleasure and intensify the orgasm. But do not be fooled, also many women like to play with the forbidden, especially if it has a somewhat wicked reputation as the post plug for men. Caution: Most men reach the climax unusually much faster when using an anal dildo.

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