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4 Best Anal Sex Positions for a Mind Blowing Orgasm

Anal sex is a rather sensitive subject for girls. Women are afraid of him. In fact, in the process of such sex, girls often have unpleasant and painful sensations. But it can be fixed. Anal sex can be enjoyable if properly prepared for it. To do this, you must do certain exercises. And this will help anal plugs.

What is anal plug for?

Butt plug

This sex toy helps the anal muscles to relax and make the sphincter more elastic. As a result, the girl will be able to manage her own muscles, and therefore sensations during sex. In addition, such skills women can bring pleasure and her partner.

  • To begin, tell you what it is butt plug. This intimate toy is designed to be inserted into the anus. It relaxes the muscles and helps to learn how to manage them.
  • This plug is narrow at the beginning and wider at the base, which prevents the product from falling into the anus. The shapes and sizes of these intimate toys can be different. Choose them in accordance with their own preferences. If you are thinking about Vibrating butt plug vs Vibrator? Whatís the difference, then also you will be able to have the perfect options for the same.
  • Butt plugs can have bases and even with rhinestones that give them aesthetics.
  • These products can be used not only for training. They are suitable for self-satisfaction, and to enhance sensations during intercourse. So a woman can insert a plug in her anus. This will make her vagina narrower. Therefore, the feelings of sex from both partners will be brighter than usual.

There is another answer to the question of why anal plug is needed. Doctors advise to use it for preventive purposes. If the anal plug helps to reduce the risk of hemorrhoids, why use other unhealthy therapeutic agents?

You should not think that this product is suitable only for women. As a preventive measure, it can also be used by men.

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How to use anal plug?

To experience the thrill of sex, you first need to choose the product of the correct size and shape.

You also need to remember that the anus does not emit any lubricant. Therefore, for the introduction of cork and anal sex, it is necessary to use artificial lubricants and lubricants. For those who are just beginning to comprehend the delights of such sexual acts, lubrication with anesthetic effect will do.

Butt plug with rhinestone

When you have already chosen a suitable sex toy, the question may arise: ìHow to use the butt plug?î

It can be used for self-satisfaction. Also, this product is suitable for training the anal muscle. This sex toy will help you learn to relax it. Thanks to these skills, you can control the process of anal sex and get pleasure from it.

Butt plugs can also be used during vaginal sex. If this sex toy is in the anus of a girl, then her vagina will become narrower. This will allow both partners to enjoy sex

Everything you need to know about using anal plug

Butt plug is a sex toy designed to prepare your precious ass for anal sex. Her cork can also be used as an anal stimulator. And it is suitable for both men and women. Today we will tell about how to use anal plug to get maximum pleasure.

There are five main points, under which you are guaranteed to be able to enjoy such a delicate toy:

Grease Unlike the vagina, there is no natural lubricant in the anus, and therefore there is nothing to do without a lubricant and as a lubricant is not recommended to use baby creams or petroleum jelly. It can be harmful to your mucous membrane and cause damage to the toy. Therefore, it is better to buy a lubricant designed specifically for anal sex. The mucosa treated by him will be more ductile and, accordingly, avoid injury.


Before you begin practical exercises, make an enema. This will allow you to enjoy the moment, and not to watch the uncontrolled process of defecation. You should also take care of the condom, which is put on the tube. Now you are fully ready to conquer the peak called ìanal orgasmî!

Sharp movements are forbidden

The anus is not intended to introduce foreign objects into it. Therefore, the use of the anal plug can lead to not the most pleasant sensations. To avoid an unpleasant start, observe smoothness in movement. Do not seek to enter the cork the first time. How to use the anal plug stimulator? Insert it a couple of centimeters and pull it out, then a little deeper and pull it out again. So the body gets used to a foreign body, the muscles relax, and you can get the most pleasure.

Stimulator and simulator in one toy

The use of the anal plug is often a simulator for developing the anus. This little sex toy is completely invisible under clothes. But after her long wearing the penis enters the anus very easily, and anal sex is much more pleasant.

Pose selection

Apply butt plug can be in any position. Everything is limited only by your imagination and physical abilities. For beginners it is better to use the standard pose that is, lying on your back. So you can fully focus on your feelings. As you master the technology, you can expand your arsenal and introduce a stimulant, standing on all fours or squatting.

Observing our recommendations, you are guaranteed to learn how to enjoy such sex toys as butt plug. Stimulate, exercise, orgasm.

This is the case when haste will bring nothing but harm. In special sets of several products, manufacturers offer several plugs of different diameters. It is always better to start with the smallest and thinnest. V-tonus – gel for narrowing the vagina! Vaginal contraction gel based on natural ingredients. Eliminates dryness of the mucous membrane, tightens and strengthens the muscles, increases the sensitivity of the female genital organs. View more> There are other options, such as inflatable butt plug. Customer reviews of this model are mostly enthusiastic. The ability to gradually increase the diameter of the tube during use allows you to avoid fear and stress. Connoisseurs of extreme pleasures prefer the largest sizes, but for this you need to know well the possibilities of your own body.

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