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The Importance of Butt Plugs in BDSM Role Play

This Button Glass Plug Glass is made of glass making it ideal for beginners because of the tapered shape that facilitates insertion, and the bushy tail makes it perfect for fetish games. At the time of penetration, the sexy tail from the artificial fur stimulates the senses, giving your partner a double pleasure for intense orgasms. Basically, this kiss from the sex toy gives a plus to the flavor of your love life, the effect being naughty combined with playful elements. This ingenious erotic toy is rigid, but with a delicate, delicate texture that is particularly pleasant to the touch that can be heated or cooled before use just to intensify the sensations to the extreme.

Recommendations: Experts recommend disinfecting the butt plug before and after you finish the fun by using a special towel cleaning product. For unique sensations and a slight slip, it would be advisable to call on a water based lubricant and leave yourself on the longest paces of pleasure.

There are many reasons why people like anal sex, but despite the fact that it has grown in popularity, and studies like this, which show how women who have sex with anal sex often have orgasms than those who do not practice, the prejudices are still roaming around the anus.

For some people, those prejudices come from the idea that anal sex is dirty because of shit. For others it’s a matter of sexual identity. However, most anal sex practitioners are not gay. It is logical why anal sex has become so popular in all demographics. It’s not like people have barely discovered the hole, but just recently they managed to look lightly in a catalog of utensils and other accessories to be delivered discreetly straight home. If you want to try the back door or improve your technique, you can follow these tips.

Discuss this before

If you want to explore anal sex with your partner, start a dialogue and ask what he or she thinks about it. So you can figure out if you and your partner or partner can venture into the dark.

Familiarize yourself with anatomy

Your anus is your ass, and as the people say, everyone has one. It is surrounded by two sets of muscles that open and close two sphincters, one external and one internal, explaining how the external sphincter is easy to access and relatively easy to control. The internal sphincter is about two to three centimeters deeper. It does not take orders just as well, but over time it can be controlled.

More muscle, these muscles help you not to bother with you. Above the vestibule of the anus is the rectum. It’s a tubular bag, averaging about 10 to 15 centimeters long. At the top of the rectum, the intestine makes an angle of 90 degrees, like the hose when it bends. Above that bend, it’s the sigmoid colon. For more than 99.99% of human history, everyone was standing by when they fell. It’s a position that unlocks the inferior digestive tract and you’re more likely to take everything out of a shot. This is valuable information for those who experience different positions.

Explore your anus

The next time you shower after a session using butt plugs for punishment, put some shower gel or soap on your fingers and put on an exploration session. It is valid for all types of partners because if you are the one above, then you have a substantially identical anus with your partner. When you know how it feels to have something in the ass, this gives you a valuable insight, for when you have the honor to explore the realm of the partner’s buckets. If you have not even put a finger in your anus, then you have it to believe that you are entitled to put things in the courts of others.

Anal sex doing right should not hurt

Anal sex involves a lot of new and intense sensory information, great for the reason why it’s so popular. But although anal sex can be an overwhelming experience, it should not hurt you. If your partner is not initiated, you should take care and be as cute as possible with his ass to create positive pleasure associations.

Do not be afraid of shit

Yeah, the shit goes out. However, under normal conditions, the rectum should not contain significant amounts of shit. When faecal matter enters the rectum, you usually head to the closest toilet. The anus and the lower part of the rectum even have very little fecal matter, which means it does not tend to be as dirty as you think. But the likelihood of misery falls even further.

Watery and wild

The psychological effects of an enema are essentially a nozzle bag with which you can introduce fluid into the rectum to wash the area, can be as important for anal quality as physical. Removing the rectum is simply a cover against the possibility of misery, and if the responsive partner is less concerned about spreading the shit, it is more likely to relax the whole body and enjoy experience.

You can get a disposable kit kit at the pharmacy, but if you realize you like anal enough to repeat the experience, you can also get a reusable kit. This is also approved by the FDA, but it would not hurt to talk to your doctor about how to make a safe and effective enema.

Buy an anal lubricant

The two most important aspects to consider when choosing a anal sex lubricant are viscosity and composition. Greater lubricants are the best for anal sex. This is because the walls of the anus are thinner than the vaginal and need a lubricant to keep it moist and slippery to reduce the chances of cuts inside the rectum. A silicone lubricant is the best choice for the anal because it’s ok with condom (against oil based lubricants), it does not evaporate quickly (as opposed to water-based lubricants) and is the most slippery.

Invest in a plug

Another thing worth buying is a good quality plug. Using a plug, the responsive partner will be used to have the feeling of having something in the ass. You begin to wear it during a regular sex party and you will start to associate the feeling of being anal activation with sex, rather than worry. You can also wear a lead connector up to the anal game so you can feel a lot easier when the time comes. A great option is the Fun Factory Bootie model. To see a collection of all other sex toys, go to:

Expect the best experience, but get ready for the worst

With all the preparations, there is always a small chance that things will go crazy. Spread an old towel or a bed cloth, keep some wet napkins, and if you do not have the crap, you have some shit too, make sure one thing is not big. Put the towel in the wash, get into the shower and put a series of hugs and caresses.

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