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Beginners’ Guide to Anal Sex and Toys

The selection of the penis rings is comparatively large for practice of figging through history. For example, these are offered in various shapes, colors and finishes. There are also different functions, such as vibration or light. The easiest way is the online shopping penis rings, since it is possible here to get a great overview of all the products of the market. As an example, various suppliers can be visited to take a closer look at every penis ring offered. Likewise, there are tests and comparisons, as with us, to the products.

How is our test for the cock ring?

Such a ring should primarily fulfill two functions. First of all, the erection improvement should be mentioned. For this reason, the penis is basically “pushedî (painless) so that the blood gets dammed longer in the penis. For most rings this works very well. Correspondingly, this often leads to the man having a longer stamina and thus having longer sex time. The second function is the stimulation of the clitoris of the woman but also of the penis shaft. For this purpose, the ring vibrates, thus providing additional stimulation in addition to penetration. Similar to the penis ring, anal plugs should be compared before buying. Here are the interested parties again our tests available.


This help makes sense to be able to decide in 2018 for the article that suits you the most. But also through other contact points can be found information. Here you can watch a video about anal plugging, for example to see its functions and shape in action.

The discreet order of an anal plug

Even in 2018, many people still shit their noses when they realize that someone is using an anal plug. Accordingly, a discrete order must be taken to ensure that no one can recognize that plugs have been ordered. Often a neutral delivery can be chosen over the net. This is about the fact that the appearance of the package does not indicate the content; this is the case with online site when shipping is accordingly pay attention to whether a neutral package is used or not.

Furthermore, it can be expected that the delivery usually takes only 2 to 3 days to complete. This should then be taken directly in front of the door in order not to have to pick them up again at the post office. Often, a free delivery is offered in order to save money.

The easy selection and the purchase of the cock ring and plug

Without signing up, men and women get all the information they need to decide on a cock ring or anal plug. No matter if it is about the help with the erection of the penis, an additional stimulation is desired or the orgasm should be strengthened, with us those who are interested always find the right toys made of silicone.

Anal toys are no longer taboo. Many couples discover the pleasure of a very special kind for themselves. Try to imagine it – the eyes are closed, hands go over your skin, you hear your own soft moaning, with each stroking the excitement grows more and more, devotedly, your partner or your partner is dedicated to your anal area and finally leads with gentle Pressure and lubrication an anal plug or vibrator. Your desire can be increased tremendously, because the anus – in both sexes! – is a highly erogenous zone so even the pleasurable insertion of the toy can lead to strong excitement.

Anal toys for women and men?

The use of anal toys can be a great pleasure for both women and men. Discover a playful opportunity to try something new or to keep the desire alone or in a partnership. Many describe the use of anal toys as extremely intense, because the anus region is very sensitive to lust – in men it can come through the special prostate stimulation to very strong ecstasy. For exactly between the urinary bladder and penis root, about five inches inside the man, is the P-point – the so-called G-point of the man. If this is stimulated by anal toys, it can lead to very intense orgasms. But even in women can be spice up the love game by stimulating the anus with anal sex toys and intensify in a special way.

Plugs, Vibrators or Eggs: What types of toys are there?

Size, shape, material, vibrations – the selection in the Anal Toy assortment is huge and there is plenty of room to try it out. The following descriptions should help you with the orientation:

Butt plugs

This toy is perfect for long lasting and lively sex and is available with and without vibration. Without a motor, the anal plug is especially suitable for stretching the anus and preparing for anal intercourse. At the same time, the plug can have a stimulating effect by gently sweeping you or your partner. Control butt plugs with vibration through various rotation and vibration levels individually, tickle your lust and give yourself, the partner or the partner an intense orgasm. For women, the butt plug gives the feeling of double penetration – vaginal as well as anal. A plug can easily be integrated into an exciting foreplay and makes both partners want more.


Anal vibrators

The anal vibrator is the top dog among the anal toys and is used primarily for stimulation. There are vibrators in many designs – attractive structures and shapes like waves, nubs or grooves increase the fun. The specimens can set the anus into gentle vibrations with gentle to strong vibrations, shock and rotation movements while massaging the prostate and perineum. Popular with women are anal vibrators that also stimulate the clitoris or operate with multiple motors, which can increase pleasure in both cases even further. Most vibrators have different vibration programs. Depending on the mood and your preferences, you can choose the intensity and the intervals yourself, stimulate the arousal more and more and thus gradually bring to orgasm.

Anal eggs or balls

Anal Eggs or Vibro Eggs that are suitable for the anal area and can be remotely controlled are a great way to enrich your own love life. Gentle or, if necessary, stronger vibrations stimulate you inside and out and can serve wonderfully for a gentle preparation for the anal penetration. Anal Balls are a mix of anal plug and chain. So there are models in which two thickened, egg-shaped parts are connected by a narrower piece. The stimulating effect arises here by slowly inserting, rotating and pulling out one and then the other ball and the resulting stimulating interplay between tension and relaxation.

Anal Toys – the Trends 2018

The play with the back door moves out of the grimy corner: whether for the man or the woman, whether alone or as a couple. You can look forward to these three highlights at Anal-Toys:

The sex toy as a technology gadget : More and more toys can be controlled via the app, for example. That is, the partner does not even have to be in the same city to bring his sweetheart to orgasm, and yet he can become part of an erotic experience. For example, imagine how to satisfy your partner from a business trip via an app and watch him or her through a webcam. This mix of closeness and distance can be extremely exciting for both.

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5 Tips in Choosing a Butt Plug for Long Term Use

Butt plug for wearing can be in the body for several hours in a row. It gives fullness, but does not hold down movements. It is suitable for sexual experiments and massage internal erogenous zones. But it is important to choose the right model so that wearing the anal plug is safe.

All metal and steel butt plugs are equipped with limiters. It does not allow the device to dive too deep. But anal plugs for wearing are created so that the limiter is conveniently placed between the buttocks and does not interfere with movements. This is a flexible isthmus, not a ring.

People who use butt plugs

People want to get sexual pleasure not only at home, but also in unexpected places. This is especially interesting at work, in a cafe or restaurant, in the gym. But to realize such fantasies is not easy. But why not use sex toys for wearing?

The butt plug of a special shape is completely invisible under clothes. It does not hinder movement, does not cause pain or discomfort. At the same time fullness and slight excitement are felt.

Men can use anal stimulants for prolonged wear. They will easily feel pressure on the prostate, and this will also serve to prevent many diseases. For women, wearing anal sex toys is a way of arousal. After such an experiment, the desire for intimacy is increased tenfold.

The time of everyday wear anal plug

In the body of sex toys can be only a certain time. For example, rubber products should be used no longer than 3 hours. Further irritations are possible. Plastic in the body should be no more than 2 hours. The longest can wear silicone. The medical composition is safe for 6 hours. You can wear a butt plug all day long, but only intermittently. In these moments, it should be washed, dried. The body must rest. A break in wearing is worth at least 30 minutes.

Choosing the material of anal plug for wearing, you should not save. It is better to buy an expensive butt plug than to use a cheap, dubious quality. It should pay attention to the surface. The ideal cork is smooth and level, without cracks, cracks or other damage where dirt can clog.

The correct form of the anal plug for wearing

Choosing a stimulator model for frequent use, you need to choose the right shape. There are drop-shaped models. They are easy to enter into the body, they gradually stretch the anus, without causing pain. They are convenient for novice users.

There are anal plugs with a bend. These models are ideal for stimulating the prostate. It is men who buy them in order to feel pressure in a certain zone. The width of the device whiles more at the tip, which requires stretching the anus before the introduction of the massager. For wearing it is recommended to choose an anal stimulator with a thin leg. That it will be located in the anus, and a diameter of 2 cm will not cause discomfort. Larger plugs are suitable for erotic games, but not permanent use.

Cork size for wearing

The ideal size of an anal stimulator for wearing is up to 10 cm in length. This is enough to give both fullness and light massage. Sometimes short things are purchased – up to 6 cm.

Each user decides for him – what sensations he needs. For men, the prostate stimulator should be at least 7 cm in length. For women, smaller sizes are allowed. If you want only fullness, then a great length is absolutely not required. But if pressure on internal erogenous zones is valuable, then you should pay attention to longer devices.

Vibration in anal stimulators for wearing

Today, traffic jams may have internal mechanisms that cause vibration or pulsation in the device. Such movements increase pleasure, help to relax in the most unexpected places. But it is important to choose the right model so that it can be controlled remotely.

Anal vibrator for wearing gives much more experiences than a stimulant without internal motor. You can use it with movements and without. Modern models are controlled from a remote control or from a smart phone. Their feature is quiet operation. Inclusion even in a public place will not be audible to others.

Choosing a model for wearing with vibration, you should pay attention to charging the device and choose the most convenient rechargeable model. They do not require the purchase of additional batteries. One has only to charge the device, and he is again ready to work.

The peculiarity of vibrating anal plugs: to activate the device, you need to press a button on the body itself. And only then will the console or application work on the smart phone. After 15-30 minutes without the internal mechanism, the connection is interrupted to save battery. And to turn on the sex toy, you have to press a button on the traffic jam. Therefore, it is important to understand that keeping the device in the on state constantly will not work, before switching on the vibration it will be necessary to touch the object.

Vibration even in the most modern models can last no more than 2 hours. The charge for more time is not enough. And some models work even less. When choosing a cork for wearing, pay attention to the power and time of charge and work.

Constant wearing of anal plug

Long wearing of an anal plug can be dangerous if you do not follow a few rules:

Purity: Anal stimulant should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. It is important not only to wash everything off the surface of the toy, but also to treat it with a disinfectant. This thing is immersed in the body, so it is very important to protect the anus from dirt.

Individuality: It is forbidden to pass on the anal plug for wearing to another person. This is an individual sex toy that is not intended to be used by several people. It is very difficult to carry out a complete disinfection, therefore bacteria are transmitted with a sex toy, and they are individual for each person. Transfer of toys can lead to infections, indigestion and other diseases.

Proper lubrication: Enter into the body butt plug only with lubricant. In this case, it is needed not to slip, but to soften the skin. It protects the anus from cracking. Save on lubricant is not worth it. But with sex toys, the option is only water based. It does not affect the surface of the device. When worn, it is sometimes necessary to add a lubricant over a period of time. If discomfort appears, it is worth increasing the amount of lubricant. It is forbidden to use the available tools instead of the lubricant: creams, lotions, Vaseline, etc.

No pain Wearing anal sex toys should not bring discomfort. Any discomfort is a signal that the stimulator needs to be removed. You should not hope that addiction will occur. Pain is a sign that the practice needs to be stopped.

Injuries to the anus: After wearing the anal plug can hurt the anus. This is caused by muscle tension, possible micro cracks. Until these feelings pass, it is forbidden to wear a stopper. It is necessary to give the body time to recover from the experiments.

Anal stimulation is prohibited for hemorrhoids, posterities in acute condition. You should not experiment if there are anal fissures or there are problems with the chair. Butt plug will not help with constipation or diarrhea, but will only worsen the condition.

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3 Things to Consider When Using Anal Douche

Anal sex, in contrast to vaginal or oral sex, requires preparation, on the grounds that, because of specific elements, it may not be as unadulterated not surprisingly. Also, it is essential that everything abandons disagreeable shocks. Indeed, and the young lady will have the capacity to unwind and rapidly figure out how to have a ton of fun, simply realizing that the same occurrences will occur. To be confident in yourself and partner, you should purchase an anal shower.

The anal pear isn’t only a syringe, however a genuine sex toy. In the total arrangement of the anal shower, a few hints: the initial ones are made as phalluses, they will get ready ahead of time for the demonstration; others are ideal for easy administration; third will enable you to utilize the shower for joint sensual games.

How to put purification before anal sex

Fill a pear with warm water or infusion of herbs. The fluids have not to be excessively chilly or hot, attempt to achieve a temperature corresponding to the body temperature. Pears contain the ideal measure of fluid, you don’t need to “top up”, and there won’t be a “flood”. At that point, grease up the “nose” soul oil for anal sex, apply oil and the “place of introduction.” The most agreeable and effortless posture for this method is on the side, with the knees pulled up to the stomach at a correct edge, or the knee-elbow present. Fix marginally and you can without much of a stretch enter the tip. After all the fluid has been infused, hold up two or three minutes and go to the latrine. Furthermore, if all else fails, the methodology ought to be rehashed. You should know about the DIY Anal douchealso.

Anal shower is an important extra for personal cleanliness while preparing for anal sex. The adaptable hose effectively enters and conveys any liquid into the rear end: regardless of whether it is water for pre-purifying or oil for good dampness. For a more agreeable introduction, we suggest utilizing with anal lubrication.

Anal shower

For quite a while, the mentality towards anal sex has changed a great deal, now he is effectively utilizing both among couples of unconventional and traditional orientation. In any case, to get ready for anal intercourse can encourage anal shower. In addition, contingent upon the inclinations of the client, the variety has both a straightforward shower, as a pear, and spouts, hoses on a fixture. They can be introduced autonomously with no issues, and there is no compelling reason to utilize an extraordinary device.

Aside from the way that anal douche is an ideal method for cleanliness; it likewise goes about as a fantastic sex toy. The online store offers sets from various spouts that will help not exclusively to set up the butt, yet in addition to convey most extreme delight. All you have to do with the end goal to purchase a shower is to make a selection from the range gave and put your buy. You will be served by experienced experts who can inform you on any issue regarding interest.

Endeavoring to expand insinuate life, you ought to dispose of hindrances. Abruptly, you intend to attempt anal sex, ideally tune in to the counsel of specialists, with the goal that the procedure is extremely agreeable. In this world you should act confidently. In case you fear any occurrence that can influence the private procedure, it is smarter to get ready ahead of time for anal intercourse.

For this rational utilization of anal shower Smart Wash Torgue, this dark model will be a helpful thing in a close life. Anal sex is considered another progression of trust, and additionally the longing to accomplish finish harmony between the partners. In like manner, the way toward making such an abnormal soul will turn out to be a piece of the adoration amusement, the toy will give a chance to get an excite. The item regarding the matter is like the established bowel purge, before utilize, you should gather liquid and fill it with the digestive tract, straightforwardly through the butt. Hold fast to the guidelines and fun ensured!

The galvanic anal shower spout is sturdy and totally smooth to the touch. The item has a steady base, simple to utilize and ready to give an extraordinary inclination to the client! The toy is effectively embedded into the body with no upsetting sensations; it will tenderly push on the anal dividers and give a wonderful sentiment of completion. Utilize anal ointment with a plug, and after personal games with, remember to treat it with a specialist for cleaning sex toys and wash in water. Get a wonderful and exceptional experience utilizing anal shower A convenient and little connection for lovely utilize and preparation for anal games Standard strung connection for screwing Features: add up to length 16 cm, 6 cm working length, 1 Do not lose the chance to purchase a galvanic plastic anal shower spout in one tick. In the online store “Two Friends” you will locate a reasonable cost.

How does an anal shower?

In the rectum and anal canal, even a healthy person is the remnants of feces and mucus. To clean the intestines, eliminate the psychological barrier before anal penetration, get rid of the fear of ìembarrassmentî or embarrassment in front of a partner, you need to use an anal shower for intimate hygiene.

Anal shower consists of 3 main elements:

  • Rubber pear. The elastic material of which the pear body is made allows the adjustment of the force of water injection.
  • One or more attachments.

Depending on preferences, you can choose a giant syringe with a large nozzle, a pear with tips with different reliefs. The set of anal shower may additionally include pots or containers in order to make the process as ìcleanî as possible.

What is the difference between anal douche and banal douche?

The principle of action of the anal soul is in many ways similar to the effect that can be achieved with the help of pharmacy enema. Before use, the anal pear also needs to be filled with liquid and introduced into the anus. That’s the whole similarity. An anal shower kit has much more advantages than its pharmacy competitor:

Anal shower is the most relaxing and allows you to tune in to the desired wave

The tips of the anal pear provide for the physiological features of the anal canal.

The nozzles which are included in the package differ in a relief and texture. This quality can be used to prepare for sex at the same time with excitement. Anal pear manufacturers recommend using after penetration to prevent infections.

With the help of the anal shower kit, the scenario of one of the most popular role-playing games for the doctor and patient can be realized: the details included in the anal shower kit sometimes look very realistic and do not differ much from medical devices. This method of cleaning the rectum is as safe and painless as possible.

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