Year: 2018


A Guide to Pussy Pumps

Pussy pumps create a vacuum over your labia and/or the clit; that will make your tissue swell, encourage more blood flow, and make the area much more sensitive. You can Same gud  either alone or with your partner. Either way, both the sensations and the arousing puffiness are an amazing turn-on.

When you pump your pussy, expect to feel every touch, vibration, and tingle much more intensely. If you have trouble reaching an orgasm, this is perfect for you. Also, if you want to spice things up in the bedroom, a pump is an ideal choice.

How to Use a Pussy Pump Properly

  1. Use a water-based lube to lubricate the outside edges of your pussy pump. That will make it more comfortable and create an air-tight seal.
  2. Check the quick-release valve; it’s usually located under the pump bulb. It should be closed, allowing air only out, not in.
  3. Place the chamber against the desired area (some will cover your entire vulva, others just the clit) and make sure that you achieve a firm seal.
  4. Use one hand to hold the pump chamber, and compress the pump bulb with the other. You should feel suction at this point.
  5. Release the bulb and check the seal; the chamber should stay in place if the seal is firm; the suction will hold it. It shouldn’t come off unless you pull it. If the seal isn’t firm enough, keep holding it in place and pump more!
  6. Keep compressing and releasing the pussy pump bulb; when you see and feel that your labia is swelling in the chamber, you can stop. You might feel strange at first, but it shouldn’t be painful.
  7. When your skin starts pressing against the chamber, you won’t be able to easily pump anymore. That is the maximum you can pump to.
  8. Now, press the quick release valve under the bulb, allowing air to enter the chamber.
  9. Remove the pussy pump carefully and gently; at the same time, feel free to enjoy the gorgeously swollen look and feel of your vulva and clitoris.

And that’s it! Now, after making your pussy swollen and extra sensitive, enjoy every touch, vibration, or tingle that follows.

Here is how that feels:

“I adore the feeling of improved senses in my panties. I sometimes orgasm while my boyfriend pumps me because I get too aroused and excited about what’s coming. When he pulls the cup of, that’s the most amazing feeling. He can just gently blow into my lips and I’ll go crazy.”

Safety Points

Discomfort isn’t a part of pussy pumping. If you start feeling any, stop pumping immediately. If you just feel strange at first, that’s normal. However, pain isn’t.

Don’t overpump. If you overdo it and pump to the maximum limit, that can lead to injury. The pussy pump could get damaged too.

If you’re going to have sex or masturbate, remember to use lube after pumping. The vacuum sensation can dry you out.

Have fun!

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